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Our predictive analysis platform empowers decision makers by forecasting actionable solutions.

In Latin, the word ‘Querent’ stands for one who seeks. Querent seeks to deliver solutions that can be immediately put into action. It uses complex mathematical, statistical, computational and cognitive models, with a simple, intuitive user interface that only requires one thing from you – DATA.

Querent in Healthcare

Why Querent?

Healthcare providers need to deliver quality service at optimal costs. This means that the healthcare system has to make a shift from ‘pay for service’ to ‘pay for performance.’ Secondly, the significance of predicting patient risk is fast becoming the key to true preventive healthcare – a possibility that Enlightiks assures with Querent. 

How does Querent work?

Our predictive analysis platform uses a comprehensive model to facilitate decision makers in their quest for true preventive healthcare.

A Glimpse...

National Level Readmission
Risk Standardization All Condition Readmission
AMI Population analysis and New Patient Cluster Profiling
AMI Re-occurrence Risk Profiling and Prediction